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General Theater Policies, Terms, and Conditions

In order to ensure that every Grand Theater patron enjoys an outstanding theater-going experience, those entering the premises agree to conduct themselves pursuant to the following theatre policies as a condition of admittance.

Violation of policies or guidelines can lead to removal from the building with or without refund of admission prices. Grand Theater reserves the right to make changes to the policies and guidelines without prior warning.

Inherent Risk with COVID-19

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures – for our all our patrons, volunteers, and staff (details are available on our website at Safety Procedures or from theater managers). You must follow all posted instructions and verbal instructions from management while visiting the Grand Theater.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.  According to the CDC, senior citizens and folks with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

By visiting the Grand Theater, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


R-rated movies

For R-rated movies, individuals under 17 require an accompanying adult.  An adult may not purchase the tickets or give permission at the box office and then depart the theater – the adult must attend “R” rated movies with those under 17.

Adherence to te movie rating system is required by our license agreements wit the studios.  Any theater that knowingly ignores the ratings risks losing access to titles from the studios.

Toddler/Lap Child

Children under the age of 3 held by an adult (lap child) will not be charged admission.  If the child will occupy a seat, a separate admission must be purchased.

ADA Seating & Companion Pass

All seating designated as “handicapped” with the familiar wheelchair symbol, and the adjoining seats, are reserved for the disabled and their companions when requested.

Refusal of Admittance

Grand Theater reserves the right to refuse admission to any party. At the manager’s discretion, patrons who appear to be intoxicated or otherwise disruptive to the general audience may be denied a ticket.

Special Needs

We are committed to helping those patrons with special needs. In all cases, it is suggested that you seek a manager for assistance. Early admission to the theaters, handicapped seating, Assistive Listening Devices, Closed Caption Readers and other support will gladly be offered.

Outside Food or Drink

No outside food or drink is permitted.

No Smoking or Tobacco Use

There is no smoking or tobacco use allowed on the premises.  This includes electronic/vapor smoking devices and chewing tobacco.

Theater Etiquette

Disruptive Patrons

Talking or disturbing other patrons during the feature will not be tolerated.  Horseplay, loud or obscene language, or any other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Patron(s) who are disruptive in the theater will be issued a warning by theater staff. A second offense may result in patron(s) being asked to leave the theater.  NO re-admission tickets and/or refunds will be issued.

Personal Communication Devices

Once the movie has begun, while in the auditorium the use of cell phones, pagers, text messaging, any other personal communication device or other electronic devices (Bluetooth, portable gaming device, etc.) is prohibited.  If you must take or make a call or text, please go to the lobby before you do.

Keep Your Feet on the Floor

Don’t place feet or shoes on any portion of your seat or an adjacent seat.  Don’t drape your legs over any portion of any seat.  Don’t kick or push another seat.

Crying Babies and Noisy Children

We ask parents to remove crying babies and noisy children from the theater and take them to the lobby. If circumstances require that the family has to leave, re-admission tickets and/or a refund will be at the discretion of the on-duty manager.

Recording Devices/Film Piracy

Use of any recording devices (cameras, cell phones, video recorders, sound recorders, etc.) are strictly prohibited. The recording of any portion of a film is illegal and subject to prosecution.

No Soliciation

Soliciting or loitering on Grand Theater premises is not allowed.


Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.  No obscene or offensive attire will be permitted including overly revealing outfits – as determined in the sole and exclusive judgment of Grand Theater management.  As a family environment, inappropriate or lack of attire will be grounds for removal from the premises.


Protecting the safety of our patrons, volunteers and staff members is always top priority. Grand Theater reserves the right to search anyone, and their belongings, who enter the premises. In addition, Grand Theater reserves the right to determine, on a case-by-case basis, which items are not permitted to be on premises.


The possession of all firearms and other weapons (including concealed firearms) on Grand Theater premises is strictly prohibited.

Backpacks, Purses, Packages, and Bags

Grand Theater discourage patrons from entering the theater with backpacks, packages and large bags of any kind.  To ensure the safety of our guests, volunteers and staff, Grand Theater reserves the right to inspect the contents of any purse, backpack, package or bag prior to admission.

Lost and Found

Grand Theater is not responsible for lost, stolen, or recovered personal items. Before leaving the auditorium, please check around your seat for any personal belongings. For assistance, contact a staff member.

Costumes with Masks and Props

Grand Theater does not allow admission to our premises for guests of any age wearing a mask (except for health/medical related use), face paint or face-obscuring hood; or possessing weapons, props, or fake weapons.

Severe Weather

Grand Theater reserves the right to shut down a film to warn the audience of severe weather situations (i.e. – tornado) and evacuate portions of the building.


Exits are clearly marked throughout the building. In the unlikely event an incident occurs that requires evacuation of the building stay calm, listen to theater staff instructions and proceed to the NEAREST fire exit rather than retracing your steps to the entrance.


Show Interruptions

If a show is interrupted temporarily due to circumstances beyond our control, we look to the operating window of the feature as to whether or not the film can resume or must be cancelled. Re-admission tickets and/or refunds are issued at the discretion of the on-duty manager.

Ticket Retention

All patrons are urged to retain their ticket/receipt. This is for proof of purchase in the need to leave the theater and then return.

Refund Policy

Grand Theater will refund any patron who wishes to leave a film for any reason within the first 20 minutes of the presentation. After that time, the nature of the need for a refund is at the on-duty manager’s sole discretion. Refunds will only be issued with valid ticket receipt. Violation of policies or guidelines can lead to removal from theater with or without refund of admission prices.


Concession refills on popcorn and drinks are for same visit only.

Grand Theater staff want to assure our customers that we strive to make your visit a safe and pleasurable experience.  Should it not be, please speak with a theater manager.  If we don’t know your concerns or complaints, we cannot take action to improve.

Violation of Grand Theater policies, terms or guidelines can lead to removal from the building with or without refund of admission prices. Grand Theater reserves the right to make changes to the policies and guidelines without prior notice.