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Theater Rentals

Over the years the Grand Theater has hosted numerous rental events including business meetings, receptions, weddings, memorials, graduations, and birthday parties. Private groups are also welcome to see movies we’re showing or bring their own DVDs or media to show on the big screen.

Theater rental is only available outside of times when movies are shown to the public. Generally, daytime rentals are available on weekdays along with morning rentals on weekends, with events finishing by 12:30.

Terms, Policies, and Procedures

The following apply for small groups of 25 people or less:

  • $100 facility fee for a three-hour rental. This covers utilities and staff time to prep, monitor, and clean-up following the rental.
  • Concessions are not included, but the Grand Theater will open the concession stand to provide snacks at standard concession prices.
  • Fee includes the use of either auditorium’s projection and sound equipment as well as the lobby and restrooms.
  • Digital home movies and video games are all possible – you supply the media and we will work to play it. In the case of video games, you must supply the console as well.
  • If you want to watch a movie we are currently showing to the public the rental fee will increase as our licenses with studios calculate payments to them on the number of admissions.
  • Larger groups beyond 25 people and/or special requests will increase the fee.​
  • Given the necessity for deeper cleaning and sanitizing, we ask groups to not occupy more than one seat per person.
  • The theater is not designed as a playground. Running and jumping through the rows of seats and aisles or playing tag, hide-n-seek and other games may be appealing, especially to youngsters, but it isn’t safe or allowed at the theater. Rentals of the theater are primarily about folks seated and focused on the screen.
  • Any damage to theater property caused by the renter or someone in their group will be the financial responsibility of the renter.

Call or text 515-305-2689

to arrange your movie theater rental!